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Komatsu Excavator PC120-5 PC90-1 Hydraulic Pump Parts

Hymon Hydraulics provide Komatsu Excavator PC120-5 PC90-1 Hydraulic Pump Parts. Moreover, We can make varies of hydraulic pump parts piston pump parts with factory direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.

  • Fit: Komatsu Excavator PC90-1 PC100-3 PC120-5 PC120-6 PC120-3 Hydraulic Pump
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Item: Komatsu Excavator PC120-5 PC90-1 Hydraulic Pump Parts
Brand: Komatsu, HyMon
Model Number PC90-1 PC100-3 PC120-5 PC120-6 PC120-3 pump parts
Fit Komatsu Excavator PC90-1 Hydraulic Pump
Komatsu Excavator PC100-3 Hydraulic Pump
Komatsu Excavator PC120-5 Hydraulic Pump
Komatsu Excavator PC120-6 Hydraulic Pump
Komatsu Excavator PC120-3 Hydraulic Pump
Other parts: hydraulic pump parts(block ass’y, plate valve, guide retainer, retainer shoe,

piston sub ass’y, cradle ass’y–cradle, cam rocker), swing motor, swing machinery,

swing circle, main control valve, travel motor, boom cylinder, arm cylinder, bucket cylinder

Technical Data

CYL.BLK+V.P L.H 1 708-23-13610
CYL.BLK+V.P R.H 1 708-23-13620
CYLINDER BLOCK 1 708-23-13151
VALVE PLATE L.H(FRONT) 1 708-23-13611
VALVE PLATE R.H(REAR) 1 708-23-13621
PISTON SHOE 9 708-23-13311
RETAINER PLATE 1 708-23-13342
DRIVE SHAFT FRONT 1 708-23-12710
DRIVE SHAFT REAR 1 708-23-12720
SPACER 2 708-23-05041
FIX PLATE 2 708-23-13431

Other Komatsu Pump Parts

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Mainpump PC150-6K 21P-60-K1502 Mainpump PC300-3 708-27-02014 MainPump PC400LC-3 708-27-02025
Mainpump PC200-3 708-25-01064 Mainpump PC300-3 708-27-10100 MainPump PC400LC-5 708-27-04023
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Mainpump PC200-5 708-25-04014 Mainpump PC300LC-5 708-27-04011 MainPump PC650-3 708-25-50101
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00052 Mainpump PC300LC-5 708-27-04012 MainPump PC650-3 708-25-50200
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00063 Mainpump PC300LC-5 708-27-04013 MainPump PC650-5 708-25-04071
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00065 Mainpump PC300LC-6 708-2H-00130 Swingpump PC650LC-5 708-25-02080
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00066 Mainpump PC300LC-6 Mainpump PC650LC-5 708-25-04071
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00411 Mainpump PC360-3 708-27-10100 Mainpump PC400-3 708-27-10100
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Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-0055 MainPump PC220-3 708-25-01054 MainPump PC400-5 708-27-02024
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-0065 Mainpump PC220-5 708-25-01054
Mainpump PC200-6 708-2L-00065 Mainpump PC220-5 708-25-04014

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