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A2F Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump & Motor Uchida Rexroth

Hymon Hydraulics provide Fixed Displacement A2F Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump Motor Uchida Rexroth 100% interchangeable with oem parts. We can make varies of replacement hydraulic pumps with factory direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.

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Item: Fixed Displacement A2F Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump Motor Uchida Rexroth
Brand: Hymon Hydraulics
Model Number A2F
Series A2F6, A2F10, A2F12, A2F23, A2F28, A2F45, A2F55, A2F63,
A2F80, A2F107, A2F125, A2F160, A2F200, A2F250, A2F355, A2F500
Application: Norminal Pressure: 350 bar.   Peak pressure: 400 bar

Used for engineering machinery, Excavator

Technical Data

A2F pump motor code

A2F pump motor data

A2F10R4P4 A2F10L4P4 A2F10W4P4 A2F55R3P1 A2F55L3P1 A2F55W3P1
A2F10R4P1 A2F10L4P1 A2F10W4P1 A2F55R2P3 A2F55L2P3 A2F55W2P3
A2F10R2P1 A2F10L2P1 A2F10W2P1 A2F55R2Z1 A2F55L2Z1 A2F55W2Z1
A2F10R2Z1 A2F10L2Z1 A2F10W2Z1 A2F63R3Z4 A2F63L3Z4 A2F63W3Z4
A2F12R4P4 A2F12L4P4 A2F12W4P4 A2F63R2Z4 A2F63L2Z4 A2F63W2Z4
A2F12R4P1 A2F12L4P1 A2F12W4P1 A2F63R3P1 A2F63L3P1 A2F63W3P1
A2F12R2P1 A2F12L2P1 A2F12W2P1 A2F63R2Z1 A2F63L2Z1 A2F63W2Z1
A2F12R2Z1 A2F12L2Z1 A2F12W2Z1 A2F80R3Z4 A2F80L3Z4 A2F80W3Z4
A2F23R3Z4 A2F23L3Z4 A2F23W3Z4 A2F80R2Z4 A2F80L2Z4 A2F80W2Z4
A2F23R2Z4 A2F23L2Z4 A2F23W2Z4 A2F80R3P1 A2F80L3P1 A2F80W3P1
A2F23R3P1 A2F23L3P1 A2F23W3P1 A2F80R2Z1 A2F80L2Z1 A2F80W2Z1
A2F23R2Z1 A2F23L2Z1 A2F23W2Z1 A2F107R3Z4 A2F107L3Z4 A2F107W3Z4
A2F28R3Z4 A2F28L3Z4 A2F28W3Z4 A2F107R2Z4 A2F107L2Z4 A2F107W2Z4
A2F28R2Z4 A2F28L2Z4 A2F28W2Z4 A2F107R3P2 A2F107L3P2 A2F107W3P2
A2F28R3P1 A2F28L3P1 A2F28W3P1 A2F107R2Z1 A2F107L2Z1 A2F107W2Z1
A2F28R2Z1 A2F28L2Z1 A2F28W2Z1 A2F160R3P2 A2F160L3P2 A2F160W3P2
A2F45R3Z4 A2F45L3Z4 A2F45W3Z4 A2F160R2P3 A2F160L2P3 A2F160W2P3
A2F45R2Z4 A2F45L2Z4 A2F45W2Z4 A2F160R3P1 A2F160L3P1 A2F160W3P1
A2F45R3P1 A2F45L3P1 A2F45W3P1 A2F160R2Z1 A2F160L2Z1 A2F160W2Z1
A2F45R2Z1 A2F45L2Z1 A2F45W2Z1 A2F250R5P2 A2F250L5P2 A2F250W5P2
A2F55R3Z4 A2F55L3Z4 A2F55W3Z4 A2F250R5P1 A2F250L5P1 A2F250W5P1
A2F55R2Z4 A2F55L2Z4 A2F55W2Z4 A2F355R5P2 A2F355L5P2 A2F355W5P1
A2F107R2Z2 A2F107L2Z2 A2F107W2Z2 A2F500R5P2 A2F500L5P2 A2F500W5P1

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